• The energy of your house in your hand

    Metron is a blockchain energy-saving tool that allows you to manage the consumption of your home automatically.

    Hand phone

METRON + 1 smart socket


Plug-and-play, energy monitoring system, designed to give meaningful perspectives of the users' energy consumption while offering them “energy training” to become energy efficient and smart consumers.


Metron v1.0

  • Real time data

  • Monitor your consumption and learn your energy habits

  • !

    Get personalized advice to save energy. Receive alerts about useless electricity patterns

  • Reduce your electricity bill by up to 30%

  • Automate electrical devices in your home, create scheduled daily / weekly operations and control them from your phone

  • Free upgrades in future versions of Software / Application

Road map

  • 1

    Concept Development

    T4 2016

  • 2


    T1 2017

  • 3


    T2 2017

  • 4


    July 2017

  • 5

    Metron Assembly

    August 2017

  • 6

    Launch App

    September 2017

  • 7

    Metron Installation

    T4 2017


We are aware that we have chosen a very challenging task; To induce and promote change in the most monopolistic and polluting sector of our society, with a very high and proven inertia to change; The energy sector.

At the same time, we see a political backwardness (and therefore a failure) to effectively and timely address climate change and environmental issues. We also see some threats to the already established steps toward a more sustainable future.

However, we are fortunate to live in a time that the cheapest form of electricity is produced from the sun and wind. We see these technologies as a path, not only for a greener future and a less polluted / more habitable planet, but also, as a way for a more just society, with equal access to resources and, therefore, opportunities.

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